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Phase 2: Development Workshop plus more 'Getting to Noh' activities

1-11 February 2019 in London, Coventry, Dublin and Paris by the Between the Stones Creative team

The purpose of the development workshop was for the creative team to decide how they will stage the new noh. The creative team has shared the outcomes of their work on how the new noh will be staged, alongside a classical noh, with the audiences and through the website as they continue their journey ‘from page to stage’. 

Following the intensive development workshop in London on the new noh 'Between the Stones' there were demonstration lectures and sharing of some the development work at the British Library, London (5 February 2019), the Embassy of Japan, London (6 February 2019), Mill Theatre, Dublin, Ireland (8 February 2019), and Arta, Paris (10 February 2019) France.